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Darleesia from Texas



from Texas

Darleesia is an energetic, talkative young girl who enjoys playing outside, playing with dolls, and completing arts and crafts projects. She tends to be on the shy side, and not real out spoken. With adults she is close to, Darleesia is very caring and affectionate. She is described as being excellent at completing her chores. At times, Darleesia needs encouragement with her outlook in school. However, she reports liking all of her classes. Science is her favorite subject. Darleesia needs someone who will support her in her school work and advocate for her. Darleesia loves to sing Christian music. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Darleesia needs a family who will set clear boundaries and expectations. She does best in a structured, supportive setting, and is motivated to work hard. It is important for Darleesia to have contact with her siblings who are not part of her adoption. She needs a family that will understand this and encourage their relationship. Darleesia needs a nurturing, consistent family to help her grow to her full potential. She will do best in a family with caregivers who have the patience and ability to provide her with the attention, nurturing, consistency, and structure she needs.

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