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Darnell from Texas



from Texas

Darnell is a loving and resilient little boy. Darnell is a fighter and will continue to excel in all he can. He is a very sweet and a happy child. Darnell enjoys being talked to and getting individual attention. He is a strong child and has far exceeded his health expectations. Darnell enjoys playing outside and being outdoors. He seems to enjoy it when people interact with him, his favorite toys are ones that light up and make noises. He attends school at home and has achieved new educational milestones such as being able to identify and match different shapes and letters. Darnell has captured the hearts of his caregivers and will make a lovely child to the right parents.

Darnell's forever family will be willing and able to meet his extensive health care needs. Darnell's forever family will keep him active and engaged in different activities to stimulate his cognitive and physical growth. The family for Darnell will need to be willing to engage him in extracurricular activities. It is asked that the foster-to-adopt family has experience or background caring for a child who has a G- button, Trach, and is vent dependent. His forever family will use positive reinforcement techniques with parenting Darnell as well as provide a highly structured environment with clear boundaries. His forever family will provide Darnell with the love and affection needed by a small child.

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