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D'artagnan from Texas



from Texas

D'Artagnan, or "D" as he likes to be called, is an outgoing boy who loves sports and being outdoors. D uses his imagination and enjoys cosplay as First Responders, specifically Firemen and Policemen. He enjoys watching videos on rescues and how the police solve crimes. D has played football, basketball, wrestling, and a little soccer. He does well with well-structured activities that enable him to be a part of a team. D's coaches have said they enjoy his enthusiasm for sports and that he brings a lot to a team. D is open to learning new skills, like playing the guitar. He has some experience in playing the piano and other musical instruments. School isn't D's favorite thing, but he says that history is his favorite subject and gym. D would be a great addition to any family. He is fun and imaginative.

D'Artagnan and Zxavian share a very close bond. With that closeness comes the typical sibling interactions, each wanting their own way. They compete for everything, racing to the car, who can eat their ice cream the fastest, and who has the highest score on the video game they are playing. D and Z are also physical with each other and must be reminded often to keep their hands to themselves. D is the older brother that "picks" on his little brother in a loving way. Z is the caretaker, usually giving up something so his brother can have it. They both enjoy sports. Zxavian is also into marine animals, while D'Artagnan is interested in music and how police solve crimes. The children are looking forward to their forever family.

D will benefit from a well-structured home that where he can be supervised and that allows for his curiosity and discovery of new things. He likes to be active and his forever family will also enjoy participating in extra-curricular activities. His family will be loving and supportive.

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