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David from Texas



from Texas

David is a quiet youth who likes his space and enjoys solitude. He has a reserved and guarded personality at the same time. When he is comfortable, he is very easy to talk to. David opens up when he feels comfortable with others. He is also a calm youth who has patience with others. David spends a lot of his time staying active in school with activities and sports. He is currently playing football in school and seems to be in his element when he is participating in team sports. David becomes guarded when he feels intimidated or bullied. At times, David can be sensitive about matters he feels are personal and have his feelings hurt by others' words. David does well with others that understand him and can relate to his interests.

David would like a two-parent family. He would also like an active family who only has one or two other children in the home. David would like to remain in contact with his siblings who are not a part of this adoption.

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