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David from Texas



from Texas

David has a very outgoing personality and he has never met a stranger! He generally wears a big smile and is full of life. David loves playing outside. He also likes playing video games and building with Legos. David loves all things superhero. He thinks all of the superheroes are awesome and cannot pick a favorite! David likes all sports and is very excited about the possibility of having a family who will encourage him play soccer. He loves the outdoors, fishing, and getting outside. At times, David has a hard time focusing on one thing, unless it is something he truly enjoys. He benefits from reminders to stay focused with his schoolwork. David continues to practice strengthening his boundaries with peers and adults.

David needs a patient family who is firm and fair. He will benefit with a family who loves the outdoors. His family will make him their top priority, giving him the time he needs and deserves. David's family must be prepared and willing to be a strong advocate for his educational needs. His family will be able to see a child who has a lot of potential and desires to be part of a loving family. They will show David unconditional love, understanding, and gentleness while also maintaining firm boundaries.

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