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De'andre from Texas



from Texas

De'Andre is a boy who loves to be on the go! He is an active and healthy youth who loves to spend time playing or going on adventures. De'Andre enjoys being engaged in fun activities whether it is playing with friends, sports, learning about interesting subjects, or visiting with others. He has a great smile and is very courteous when he wants to impress you. De'Andre can be shy upon meeting new people, but he will warm up with a little time. De'Andre enjoys talking with people and sharing his thoughts. He can remember details about subjects that he loves, such as trains and snakes. De'Andre has visited a local train station, and it was one of the best adventures he remembers. He enjoys going to visit the zoo as well. De'Andre spends his free time playing outside, riding his bike, playing video games, or watching YouTube videos. He is in middle school where he is currently in a therapeutic school setting where he can benefit more from smaller class sizes and focused student support. He does best when he has good structure, a predictable daily routine, positive engagement, strong caregiver support, and consistency of discipline techniques. De'Andre dreams of being a train engineer in the future.

De'Andre's forever family will help him develop a sense of safety and stability. His family will provide healthy yet strong boundaries within a nurturing and loving home environment with age-appropriate discipline and consistent consequences. His family will be able to help him manage his feelings and behaviors when he becomes frustrated or upset. De'Andre's family will be reliable with regards to supportive services, medical appointments, and adhering to medical recommendations. His family will be extremely patient but very firm in their approach. De'Andre would benefit from one family member being at home for consistent supervision. De'Andre's family will have a strong support system and be knowledgeable of resources available to ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption. His family will be open to maintaining sibling contact with older and younger siblings out of care via adoption. The two adoptive families of these siblings are strong supporters of regular visitation and including De'Andre in their family gatherings and events. De'Andre enjoys being able to spend time with both families. It would be preferrable if the family lived within Houston metro area or within a few hours. He does best with good structure, a predictable daily routine, positive engagement, strong caregiver support, and consistent discipline techniques.

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