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Debra from Texas



from Texas

Debra is a fun-loving, extroverted little girl. She enjoys learning new information every day that will broaden her mind. Debra truly enjoys meeting new people and building relationships that can be cherished. Debra can be described as a protector as she is always looking out for her loved one's wellbeing. She likes to see those around her happy and safe. Debra enjoys playing with her plushies and baby dolls. She also enjoys imagination play, singing, yoga and especially dancing as it allows for her to express her fun personality. Debra likes to learn new activities that she can do with others. She is very generous, does not mind sharing what is hers, and always ensures to make it known that her love language is gift giving. Debra will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Debra wishes to be in a loving family that will accept her and show her what it is like to be part of a family. Her forever family will provide her with a nurturing and loving environment. Her family must be open minded and educated on community resources, support groups, outreach programs, and any other beneficial resources that will assist in raising, caring, and giving Debra the best care. Her family must be willing to accept Debra and be willing to use resources to assist Debra into a successful transition into her forever home. Her family will provide her with love and affection, so that she is secure in knowing that she is going to be loved and nurtured.

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