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Dekota from Texas



from Texas

Dekota is an extraordinary young boy. He is very affectionate and sweet, which he shows by loving to give hugs and making other people smile. Dekota goes out of his way to ask others if they are doing alright and shows his care for them. He enjoys laughing and he is quite the comedian. Dekota can be very energetic, which is beneficial while he is participating in Special Olympics. Dekota enjoys mastering floor puzzles, exploring with the PJ Masks, seeking justice with superheroes, and practicing karate with the Ninja Turtles. To keep up his energy, Dekota fuels himself with his favorite foods: chicken nuggets, spaghetti, tater tots, and mac and cheese. Dekota is diagnosed with seizure disorder and has a VNS (vagus nerve stimulator) magnet implanted in his chest.

Dekota has a very loveable personality; he will thrive in a family who is entirely committed to loving him and meeting his individual needs. He deserves to be his family's top priority. Because of his needs, Dekota will benefit from a forever family who is knowledgeable in managing children with such diagnoses. He will benefit from a family who offers patience, structure, and consistency while also reinforcing a stable, loving relationship with him. Dekota does well with other children and will do well with siblings.

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