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Demunyea from Texas



from Texas

Demunyea is a kind, respectful, and energetic young man. He enjoys being outside, where he can play basketball or run around, especially if there is someone to play with. Demunyea enjoys playing video, board, and card games in his free time. He enjoys spending one-on-one time with adults/mentors as well as spending time with his peers. He is funny and bright and likes to make people laugh. Demunyea is observant and has shown that he has a good memory. He is curious and will ask many questions when he wants to know something. Demunyea is a bright and energetic youth and is always on the go. He is very helpful and wants to be included in many activities. He is spontaneous and will sometimes act before he thinks. Demunyea is very vocal about his needs and desires. He has a strong desire to be a part of a forever family.

Demunyea's forever family will be patient and will provide consistent rules and boundaries that are communicated clearly. He will thrive in a family that can give him much one-on-one time. Demunyea is open to different family compositions. He desires a family who likes sports and enjoys playing video games. His family will need to be able to keep him active and very involved in activities. His family should also be willing to explore extracurricular activities to enhance and support educational goals. He will benefit from a family that provides regular praise and modeling of appropriate behaviors. He will flourish in a family where he is the youngest child. Demunyea is a good kid who wants to be with a family who will love him as their own! He also desires to maintain contact with his grandmother and sister.

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