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Irma-sophia from Texas



from Texas

Irma-Sophia is a social and funny girl who enjoys creating crafts, painting, and working on puzzles. She likes to pass her time by collecting items for planned projects. Irma is a creative child who enjoys passing her time by drawing. Her favorite character to draw is Bendy. Irma likes having fun and is redirected when she horse-plays or responds in a negative tone. Irma likes to attend church services and be part of the youth group. Irma also likes to relax by laying on her bed and watching cartoons. She seems to enjoy herself with the family on outings, errands, and celebrations.

Felix, Juan, Irma-Sophia, and Jazminka desire to live together with their forever family. The siblings share many common interests such as creating artwork, playing video games, or listening to music. They each have their own individual style. Felix focuses more on dancing while his siblings cheer him on. Juan prefers to kick the ball outdoors and play video games. Jazminka enjoys reading and playing the piano, but she and Irma work well when painting or using chalk outdoors. The children interact well with one another and enjoy playing with phones or tablets, being outdoors, and creating art projects. The children enjoy celebrating all occasions, have a fun time on outings to the beach, water parks, shopping, and celebrations.

Irma desires to be adopted with her siblings by a two-parent household who will be encouraging of her extracurricular activities. She would like a mom and a dad who will continue to inspire her creativity. Irma would like for her forever family to be sensitive to her. She will benefit from a family who is active and encourages her to develop her talent. Irma is a smart and creative person who wishes for parents who will provide an environment with structure and stability. Her forever family will keep her focused on her personal life goals.

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