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Deonta from Texas



from Texas

Deonta is an imaginative, sweet, energetic and curious child. His interest includes playing and watching sports, movies, arts and crafts and video games. He enjoys learning about his culture and others around him. Deonta is always curious about the world around him and would like to travel in the future. He can be affectionate with people that he knows by hugging and telling them his feelings. Deonta enjoys being reward and will work hard when there is a reward at the end. He enjoys being in extracurricular activities like choir, football, soccer, art and cooking classes. He is now playing on a community football league with his brother, DeVonta. He enjoys playing with animals and would like a family with a dog or dogs. He is also interested in volunteering at an animal shelter to help with the animals. Deonta is a healthy and joyful child. He is a joy to be around and would be an asset to any family.

DeVonta and Deonta are very bonded and attached to each other and their other siblings. They also love and enjoy playing sports, watching television, playing video games and talking with each other. DeVonta and Deonta are on a football team together at this time. DeVonta and Deonta are working on getting along and are doing well getting along. DeVonta and Deonta enjoy joking around with each other daily. They would like to attend more activities together like concerts, sports, comedy events and other community activities. DeVonta loves to cook and is very interested in learning new recipes and information about cooking. He also loves pets. Deonta enjoys being in extracurricular activities like choir, soccer, art and cooking classes. Deonta is a joy to be around and would be an asset to any family.

Deonta forever family will spend one-on-one time with him and shares some of his interests. His forever family will help him focus on his goals. Deonta will benefit from a one or two-parent family. Deonta likes going to church and wants a family that will continue to take him to church.

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