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Destiny from Texas



from Texas

Destiny is an outgoing and silly child who makes friends easily. She is a very likeable youth who often makes people laugh with her off the wall comments. Destiny likes animals of all kinds and especially likes frogs. She has considered becoming a marine biologist one day. She is a hard worker and would love to remain in a location with a local aquarium where she might get a job. She enjoys doing art and likes to make jewelry and enjoys wearing what she makes. Destiny enjoys sports such as basketball. She also loves nature and enjoys outdoor activities like fishing. Destiny likes several indoor activities to include shopping and going out to eat. Her favorite color is seafoam green. In her free time, she likes to read her favorite book, "Krenshaw", or watch her favorite TV shows, "That 70's show" and "Family Matters."

Destiny's forever family will provide a positive relationship that will help guide her as she navigates her teenage years. It is important to Destiny that she feels connected within a family unit. She wants to feel included and accepted. Destiny enjoys being a part of a family and is looking for a family that she can have a close bond with. She enjoys being included and loves to sit around and laugh with her family and friends.

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