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Destiny from Texas



from Texas

Destiny is dedicated to music and often spends her time learning the words to her favorite songs to be able to sing along. She is an artistic child! Destiny loves to draw, paint, and loves to display her artwork. She takes great pride in this. Destiny benefits from one-on-one time and feeling supported to talk through her feelings. Destiny loves to help others and wants to do what she can to help those around her feel supported and cared for. Her favorite time of the year is summer. She enjoys outside activities that include swimming. Destiny enjoys foods such as cheeseburgers, cake, and ice cream. She enjoys working in the kitchen and would love to have parents who enjoy cooking as well and want to teach her new things. Destiny has an affinity for animals. She loves playing with them or just being outside with them. People who know Destiny would describe her as sweet, intelligent, and curious!

The ideal family for Destiny will seek to give her individual time to develop a nurturing connection with her. They will work to show her she is a valued part of the family. Her family will take an interest in what she likes. They will be patient to help her identify her emotions, process them, and find ways that are healthy to cope. Destiny wants a family who will be all in and show her she is a part of the family. She will do well in a home with animals or who is open to having animals.

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