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De'undre from Texas



from Texas

Step right up and say hello to De'Undre! He is full of life and is a bundle of pure energy. He is sure to light up your life with excitement and activity! De'Undre has a very active imagination and loves to explore life through the lens of his creativity. He will benefit from guidance on how to properly utilize his creativity productively and also learn how he can safely express his creativity. He has an abundance of energy. He does well academically, but at times he needs redirection to stay on task and in his seat. He has high potential in the right school setting. He loves playing with Legos, drawing and coloring. He also really enjoys playing sports, especially football and basketball. De'Undre loves to make people laugh and enjoys doing magic tricks.

De'Undre's forever family will be knowledgeable in navigating the school system to ensure that De'Undre is receiving all the services available to him in his school to help him build confidence and be successful. De'Undre will be the most successful with a forever father and mother, and will build the strongest attachments in a family with a male role model. De'Undre's forever parents will help him to understand that even though he is not always receiving individual attention, he is still loved and his needs are still being met. His family will be enthusiastic about their son's high energy and active imagination and be excited to help him grow those strengths in a positive way. They will be active and look forward to exploring extra-curricular activities with De'Undre to find constructive ways to expend his energy and build his self-confidence. De'Undre's forever family will understand his bond to previous caregivers that have helped him grow.

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