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Devin from Texas



from Texas

Devin is a very bright and eager child, ready to learn to new things. He does exceptionally well academically. He performs at or above grade level in all his class subjects. He particularly loves to read often breezing through chapter books with ease. His favorite books are Manga Anime books, but also has a love for sports, his favorite being a tie between soccer and football. He has learned to utilize the things that he loves to cope with difficult emotions when they arise. He is quick to own his mistakes and is always contrite. He is often hesitant to talk about deeper emotions but has slowly began to explore those emotions when he feels supported and encouraged to do so. Devin will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Devin's forever family will be patient and structured. He really benefits from a consistent routine and firm expectations, though he sometimes becomes frustrated by reminders about his routine and expectations. He enjoys outdoor activities, sports, playing video games and would love an older sibling(s), as well as parents who share these interests.

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