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Dominic from Texas



from Texas

Dominic is very energetic and outgoing. He is inquisitive and eager to learn. He is articulate. Dominic loves to play on his tablet and play video games. His favorite game is Pokemon. Dominic also enjoys playing outside. Dominic loves to give hugs. Dominic loves the social media app Tik Toc. He is learning all the new Tik Toc dances. He has expressed that he wants to be an influencer and become Tik Toc famous. Dominic loves to eat pizza and orange chicken. Dominic has challenging behaviors at times. However, he is able to use his coping skills when he gets upset by having alone time or watching videos on his tablet. Dominic loves video chatting with his siblings. He loves playing with animals and would love them in the home.

Dominic's forever family will be patient and provide lots of love to give! Dominic will do well in a two-parent home or a single parent home. His family will be active and enjoy doing things as a family. Dominic will do well in a home where he is the only child. His family will provide him structure and is able to redirect him to make better choices.

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