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Drayven from Texas



from Texas

Drayven is an active and energetic boy. He likes swimming, swinging, playing with toys and listening to music. Sensory toys that move and make noise are his favorite. His absolute favorite toy to play with is a tornado in a bottle! Drayven loves the outdoors and playing outside. He can run and play for hours at a time. Some of his favorite activities to do outside include swinging on swings, swimming, and playing with any type of ball. Drayven has limited language skills, but he is able to communicate his wants and needs. He does so by running to what he wants, pointing or pulling you toward the direction that he wants to go. He warms up to new people very quickly, often giving hugs, grabbing their hand and smiling. At school, he does best with close supervision and one on one support. Drayven is a sweet little boy and loves hugs and kisses.

Drayven will thrive with a patient family who has knowledge in caring for children with special needs. It will be best if his family has two parents or a lot of extended family support. Having a parent who can give him a lot of one on one attention will help him with his development. Drayven will benefit from a healthy and energetic family who can meet his needs for a high level of activity. A key to Drayven's success will be a family who can be available to transport him and engage with him in supportive services.

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