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Durrell from Texas



from Texas

Durrell is a very social and active youth. He loves watching and playing football. He enjoys physical activity such as playing on the playground, jumping, dancing, and go bowling. He has a vivid imagination. Durrell is very organized and thrives with structured activities. He prefers to keep a tidy room and for his clothes to look neat in appearance. He is very proud of his organized space. He enjoys school, especially P.E. and likes to ride the bus. Durrell utilizes his copes skills when met with challenges at school. Durrell has been diagnosed as being autistic and is delayed socially and emotionally. As a result, consistency and routine is essential. Despite his delays, Durrell enjoys giving and receiving affection and maintains close relationships with those around him.

Durrell's forever family will provide a structured home and maintain a routine. He is responsive to both male and female caregivers. Durrell also requires supervision due to his intellectual abilities, spontaneity, to maintain boundaries, and because he is unable to recognize situations that may be dangerous. HIs family will provide positive management methods such as coaching, redirection, praise and reward should to encourage Durrell to engage in prosocial behavior. Although firm and consistent limits will need to be placed upon his acting out, the frequency of criticism, punishment and power struggles should be minimized in working with him. Ultimately, his family will exhibit patience, care, and love for Durrell.

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