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Durrell from Texas



from Texas

Durrell is a social and active child who has a smile that could light up any room. He is quick to warm up to new people and enjoys building new relationships. He loves Power Rangers, going to the movies, and playing on his tablet. He enjoys physical activities such as playing ball, jumping, and dancing. He also loves horses. He has a vivid imagination and is fascinated with electronic devices. Durrell is an organized child and thrives with structured activities. He maintains a clean room and ensures his clothes are always sharp and neat. He is very proud of his organized space. He enjoys school and riding the bus. Durrell enjoys being the center of attention and is eager to please others. He is friendly, affectionate, and easily develops a close bond with his caregiver. Durrell may have some difficulty expressing himself verbally but is able to use nonverbal gestures to help with his communication.

Durrell will do best in a home that is structured and offers a routine. Durrell responds well to male and female role models. Durrell requires close supervision as he can be spontaneous. Durrell will need unconditional love and a safe environment. His family will give praise and encouragement in order to help him to reach all of his dreams for the future.

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