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Dwayne from Texas



from Texas

Dwayne is a very sweet, happy, playful, and caring teenager. He enjoys playing with electronics on his tablet, his Nintendo Switch, a cell phone or YouTube. Dwayne enjoys being outdoors and going to the Children's Museum, the park, the zoo, and having a movie night out. He enjoys family time. He would like to travel out of state someday. Dwayne participates in school activities and receives positive reports from his teachers. He likes to play with other children that are his age. Dwayne is competitive and gives his best effort in all activities. He enjoys being helpful and will assist other children and adults. Dwayne has his own chores but will offer to take out the trash, put dishes in the sink, or do other household chores. He loves to eat and enjoys going to Panda Express. Some of his favorite foods to eat are pizza, chicken nuggets, tater tots, and fries.

Dwayne's forever family will offer him safety and security. He will benefit from a loving home environment. Dwayne will benefit from a stable, consistent, nurturing home environment that supports his outgoing personality and will dedicate their undivided attention to him. Dwayne would benefit from a family that supports him participating in extracurricular activities. He would benefit from having parents who are active and involved in his daily life and gives him the affection that he needs. Dwayne needs a loving home with good structure and a daily routine where he will be loved and nurtured as he grows to adulthood. Dwayne will do well in either a two-parent home or a single parent home where he is the only child and he will be the focus.

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