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Elijah from Texas



from Texas

Elijah's friendly disposition will grab your attention and make you want to know more about him. He is independent and does not let any obstacle stop him. Elijah is his own advocate and is voracious in ensuring his wants, needs, and opinions are heard. He enjoys being outside, where you can find him teaching himself to ride on a skateboard. His tremendous willpower keeps him from stopping even when things get tough. Elijah likes to color and be creative when drawing pictures. He does not let anything get in his way and allows his courage and curiosity to lead him through life. Elijah enjoys all things Superman, video games, and coloring. His zest to try new things has also opened the door to wheelchair racing! He has become quite the road racer as he zooms past his competition, weaves through the obstacles, and races to the finish to win. Elijah does not let anything stop him from doing things and will never say no to trying something new.

Elijah would do well in a two-parent home where they can help him safely nurture his curiosity, set boundaries and routines, and give him the love and support to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Elijah's family will be patient and understanding. Elijah would benefit from being placed in a home with both a mother and father. Elijah would do best in a home where one of the parents has some knowledge of medical care as it pertains to Elijah. He would need lots of structure and routine, as Elijah has been known to thrive in an atmosphere where he can expect what is happening throughout the day. Rules would also need to be set before the placement of Elijah so that there is limited room for changes and he will know what is expected of him.

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