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Emily from Texas



from Texas

Emily is a fun loving child, with a lot of energy and a bright personality. She loves to play with other children and is very helpful around the house. Emily likes to use the manners she has been taught and is still learning other forms of respect and etiquette. She loves to learn new things and march to the beat of her own drum. Emily is working very hard to improve her coping skills when she gets upset. She is very excited about the prospect of a forever family and asks her caseworker at every visit if she has found her a family yet. Emily really loves pets.

Emily will thrive best in a two-parent household who is experienced with children with similar emotional needs. Her ideal family will be just her with only 1 or 2 sibling in the home, as she prefers to be the center of attention. Emily needs a lot of hands-on guidance and supervision, especially when she gets upset. She would like a family who will let her to have an animal in the home.

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