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Olivia from Texas



from Texas

Olivia is a healthy child who enjoys outdoor activities. She loves hiking, long walks and playing outside Whether its digging in the dirt on the search for small critters or playing basketball, she loves her time with nature. Olivia is an avid reader, and she definitely has her favorite series called 'Warrior Cat'. This book series has inspired her to become an amazing artist. She is very talented at drawing and even loves to write stories, creating her own characters and scripts. She refines these skills by working on her sketch books that showcase many of the characters she's created with storylines. She also enjoys being in the kitchen and helping with preparing meals. In Olivia's downtime, she loves to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and just hang out watching movies or television.

Olivia's forever family will be an active family who doesn't mind the outdoors. She would prefer to be a part of a smaller sibling group if possible. Her family will provide her with boundaries and patience. She will thrive in a home with pets and where the family communicates clearly and often. She would love a family that is very affectionate and can reassure her that she is loved and belongs in their family.

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