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Emily from Texas



from Texas

Emily presents as somewhat shy when she first meets someone. Like her brother, she interacts more openly with those who she trusts and knows well. Emily enjoys playing with dolls and has an interest in styling hair. At times, she tries to be a "mother hen" to other children in her home. She loves to be the center of attention and thrives when she receives one-on-one time. She can be sensitive to others getting more attention than her. Emily enjoys camping and swimming, as well as going to garage and antique sales. She also loves getting all dressed up and being "girly". She especially likes dressing as a super hero and wearing capes, as this makes her feel strong. Some of her other interests include coloring, making arts and crafts projects, and playing outside. Emily wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Dustin and Emily like outdoor activities and enjoy being in the country. Dustin is the eldest, and looks out for his younger sister, Emily, in many ways. Dustin is a helpful child and enjoys being a leader. Like her brother, Emily also enjoys being a leader. Both children enjoy receiving attention. Dustin wants to participate in sports and appears to have a natural ability in this area. Emily is just his opposite. She enjoys playing dress-up and playing pretend. She especially enjoys dressing up as a superhero and wearing anything with a cape. Both children enjoy camping, estate sales and going out to eat. They both appreciate having a strong relationship with people who they trust. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Emily's family needs to be equipped to offer her close supervision. She will benefit from having positive role models on whom she can depend. Her family needs to understand that it will take time for Emily to develop trust. The best family will allow her to stay connected to those who she already has built a relationship with and encourage her to maintain these connections. She needs a family who can help her feel safe. Her family needs to provide her with strong boundaries, structure, and safety, but in a nurturing environment.

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