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Emmalyn from Texas



from Texas

Emmalyn is a vivacious little girl. She likes to color, especially animals. She really likes unicorns. Emmalyn has fun playing volleyball with her friends. She wants to play volleyball once she enters junior high. Her favorite school subjects are math and science. She is learning geometry and decimals. She likes earning trophies at school when she finishes her lessons and projects. Emmalyn has an artistic and creative side, and she has fun making her own bracelets. Emmalyn likes horses and would like to have her own horse one day. She thinks it would be so much fun to take horseback riding lessons. She likes to read in her free time and her favorite series to read are the children's books called A Graphic Novel. Emmalyn aspires to become an obstetrician gynecologist when she grows up as she really likes babies. She has plans on attending the University of Texas when she is ready for college.

Emmalyn and Jaiden are a loving and caring sibling duo! Emmalyn is the older sister, and she is protective of Jaiden. She takes her role as the older sister seriously and watches out for Jaiden. Jaiden looks up to his older sister, although she is only one year older than him. Jaiden and Emmalyn have a strong sibling bond and care very deeply about each other. Emmalyn and Jaiden like to do all sorts of things together. They enjoy watching movies together and their favorite movie to watch is Toy Story 4. They both like to play sports and go to the park and ride their bikes. Emmalyn is the volleyball player while Jaiden likes to play basketball and football. They like to play board games together such as Monopoly, Connect 4, and Go Fish.

Emmalyn's forever family will love her unconditionally and show her love and affection daily. Her family will be structured so she will know what to expect. Her family will be nurturing and respectful of the child's boundaries. Emmalyn's forever family will be calm and kind, but firm in their expectations and patterns of behavior. Emmalyn will benefit from an active family who enjoys the outdoors and having fun as much as she does. Emmalyn enjoys one on one attention. The ideal family for Emmalyn will be a family that is patient.

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