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Enrique from Texas



from Texas

Enrique is an enthusiastic and very active ball of energy. He is very social and loves to have fun. Enrique's smile lights up the room and makes everyone else want to smile. He can be silly, goofy, and full of laughter. Enrique's laughter and silliness are contagious and cause others around him to laugh and be silly. He really enjoys playing board games. One of Enrique's favorite items is his Pokemon cards. He collects them and likes to play with others with his cards. Enrique loves to go to the park and run around. Enrique strives to overcome adversity. He looks forward to new experiences. Enrique has only been on an airplane once in his lifetime, but he loved it and would love to fly again.

Enrique would do best with a two-parent family with a great support system. He would also do best with parents with flexible work schedules and can spend ample time with him one-on-one. Enrique responds better to male authority figures but would benefit from a mother's love. Enrique is social and would like other older children in the home. Enrique's forever family will be patient, understanding, and willing to work with him when he is having a bad day.

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