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Eriel from Texas



from Texas

Eriel is a fun-loving child whose laughter can fill a room! She is a "girly-girly" who loves all things that are pretty. Eriel enjoys going shopping. She doesn't currently have a favorite store but likes the mall in general. Eriel loves getting her hair styled and enjoys trying on makeup and wearing jewelry. She likes the nail salon and would love to do these activities with her future mother. Eriel wants to try new things with support from the people who care about her. This can include playing sports like basketball. She can be self-conscious at times and needs to be affirmed when she does well. Eriel will go on walks and public events with supervision. She is working on social boundaries and learning how to engage with peers. Eriel likes going to school and enjoys being social with other children. At times, she can get frustrated, though she will talk through issues and takes direction well. Eriel benefits from opportunities to make the right choice on her own. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Eriel will thrive with calm nurturing parents who readily offer words of encouragement and affirmation. Her forever family will be patient and flexible. She will benefit from caregivers who provide supervision in social settings while she navigates appropriate peer and social boundaries. Eriel will need a family who will care for her long term and commit to providing her with lifelong support.

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