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Eugene from Texas



from Texas

Eugene can be a young man of few words, but he is friendly, and generally easygoing and respectful, overall. He enjoys participating in different activities such as playing soccer and swimming; to include a deep passion for basketball. He also loves to play video games and enjoys group activities. Eugene needs guidance, as all kids do. Eugene wishes to have a family who can provide structure and who will not give up on him should things get a little tough. He likes other kids, animals, and is a typical child that needs love, attention, guidance, and monitoring. He would benefit from confidence-boosting activities and in building a bond with individuals invested in his long-term care and permanency.

Eugene will do well in a two-parent family or with a single parent. His family will provide love and structure. He wants a family to be equally homebodies and active in the community. Eugene would like a family who attends church or takes him to youth group. His parents will promote him to be appropriate to his peers and learn appropriate ways to deals with stress.

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