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Eva from Texas



from Texas

Eva is a lovely young lady who is bilingual in Spanish and English. Spanish is her first language, and she is very connected to her culture and heritage. She is articulate and advocates well for herself and others. Eva is independent and intelligent with a strong work ethic. She currently has a part-time job. Her short-term goal is to obtain her driver's permit. Realistically she wants a dependable vehicle that runs, but her dream vehicle would be a sports car or truck. She is currently involved in Folklorico dance. She has big goals for herself and wants to attend college. She would like to study business as she wants to be an entrepreneur. She has a traveling spirit and would like to travel to Mexico. She likes to draw and stay connected to her friends. She is a typical teenager in that she likes to go to the mall with her friends. She loves listening to music, especially Spanish music, such as Banda and Corrido. She likes to cook, and especially likes to cook enchiladas.

Eva and Diego are tightly bonded to one another. They deeply love and care about each another. In addition to their close bond, they are close in age with just three years between them. Eva is the big sister, and she has a sense of protectiveness towards her younger brother, Diego. Diego looks up to his older sister. Each child is unique and has a lot of love to offer. They trust each other and seek each other for advice. Eva and Diego enjoy doing many things together such as going to the park, watching movies, and taking walks. They like to go on trips to visit new places. Eva likes to take Diego shopping. They enjoy playing card games and video games together. They both share a love of cooking and eating Mexican cuisine.

Eva's forever family will provide her with a loving, and nurturing home where she will feel safe and secure. Her family will need to be patient and allow Eva time to develop a relationship with her new family. Eva's family will provide her opportunities to be creative and try new things. Her family will provide her a forever home for both Eva and her brother, Diego.

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