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Evelio from Texas



from Texas

Evelio is a well-mannered and outgoing young man. He is a kind child who enjoy keeping busy. He likes being outside playing soccer and football. He also likes to play and interact with his peers. Evelio likes reading books and can be artistic. He also likes to draw. Evelio's favorite toys include video games, drones, and slingshots. Evelio is active and likes being outside doing different activities. Evelio enjoys different foods with his favorite foods being gumbo, tacos, and burgers. Evelio can be very helpful and likes to help others. He is very family-oriented and looks forward to being a part of loving and nurturing family. Evelio responds well to being redirected when necessary. Evelio will be a great addition to a caring forever family.

Evelio's forever family will be understanding and structured. Evelio's family will take care of him and is able to cheer him up and love him. He wants a protective family that is very nurturing. He wants to be able to travel to fun places and go on vacations and other trips with his forever family. Evelio wants to be able to watch movies and play board games with his forever family.

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