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Faith from Texas



from Texas

Faith is a smart, kind and outgoing young lady. She is a social butterfly and can hold a conversation with pretty much anyone. Faith enjoys shopping for clothes, doing her make-up, and learning about cars. She aspires to be a nurse one day because her passion is to help others. Faith is interested in participating in extracurricular activities, specifically JROTC while in school. Faith also enjoys going on outings, spending time as a family and riding bikes. She enjoys spending time with friends and going to the park. She also enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and trying new things. Faith does well with other children in the home and is respectful towards adults. She enjoys school and learning new things. Her favorite subject is reading, and she enjoys getting to see her friends at school as well.

Faith is very outgoing and easy to talk to, so having a family that is transparent with her is extremely important. She will thrive in a home that offers a lot of one-on-one time and is patient with her. Faith is a typical teenager who believes rules should be limited to her because of her age, however if someone will take the time to tell her why those rules are in place, she is receptive and understanding. Faith would like a family who is interested in going on outings that involve camping, shopping and gathering with family. When asked to explain what her forever family would be like, she described them as loving, understanding, patient, nonjudgmental, and most importantly a family that won't give up on her.

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