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Gabreal from Texas



from Texas

Gabreal is a playful and active youth! He enjoys playing with other children his age, but he also finds ways to play by himself and stay busy if there is nobody else around. Some of Gabreal's favorite activities include playing with cars or action figures, playing sports especially football, and swimming. He enjoys the outdoors and any activity on the playground. His smiles brightens when he can go outside and play. Unsurprisingly, Gabreal's favorite subject in school is physical education! Gabreal is a very curious and inquisitive child and often ask lots of questions. He likes to know how things work and looks for the explanations of why things are the way they are. Gabreal is a brilliant child who soaks up and retains information. At times, his curiosity can get the best of him and he needs redirection to focus on the task at hand. Gabreal loves to learn about the Army and states that when he grows up, he wants to be an "Army Man" as well as a police officer. He loves playing games and playing with toys related to the Army. He is interested in participating in martial arts and boxing training in the future. Gabreal likes superhero movies and he often expresses his desire to become a big strong man. He takes care of his toys, clothes, and other belongings. He is particular about the way his belongings are stored and he does a great job of picking up after himself. Gabreal has a great smile, loves to laugh, and has a big heart. He is loving and wants to make a connection with someone who will meet his needs.

Gabreal needs a loving family who will exercise patience and consistency. His ideal family will work with him to appropriately express his emotions. He longs for a family to love and one that will love him in return. The best family for Gabreal will maintain a routine and have a structured household. He needs a family who will set and maintain clear and consistent boundaries and will discuss guidelines with him. Gabreal tends to wake up early in the morning so a family who is able to accommodate and work with him on his sleep schedule is important. Gabreal will do best with an active family. Gabreal does well with structure and being told in advance if there will be changes to his routine. His forever family will also be able to accommodate Gabreal's need for supportive services to help him adjust to his new home.

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