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Gavyne from Texas



from Texas

Gavyne is an industrious and strong willed youth. He enjoys experimenting with food and has several recipes that he has made his own. His dream in life is to live on a ranch and plans on raising animals and vegetables, own a restaurant that specializes in BBQ and has its own deli. Gavyne enjoys all types of sports and currently plays football. He also likes to play basketball, golf and running track. Like most teenagers, he also enjoys spending time playing video games like Call of Duty and Forza Horizon. He also enjoys attending church and participating in church youth groups. Gavyne is a likeable and polite young man with a lot of drive and determination not often seen in someone his age. He believes in working hard and helping others.

Ideally, Gavyne wants a two parent family and is looking forward to a family that is willing to impart their knowledge and experience on him. He is a country boy through and through and ideally, his family will live on a farm and he prefers the quiet country side over the hustle and bustle of city life. He has a love of cooking and BBQing and would love a family that can help build on his current knowledge. He is open to siblings but would prefer them to be older than him. Overall, Gavyne wants a family that will provide him with love, attention and provide their knowledge so that he can learn from them.

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