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George from Texas



from Texas

George is a very friendly youth who likes things like puzzles and going to the library. He likes to engage in sports with other kids; he will play football and also likes to play computer games and talk on the phone. Sometimes George may require some redirection because he can have outbursts and an attitude when things do not go the way he would like. He admits that most of the time he can play well with others, but knows he needs some help in this area. He likes school most of the time. At times, he needs redirection in class. His favorite classes are science, math, and reading. He likes to travel and if he could go anywhere, he would like to go to Schlitterbahn. He loves the lazy river.

George will benefit from a family who will provide a structured household but have patience as he adjusts to being a part of a new family. He is best suited for a two parent household with a strong male influence. He would love a family who it is very active and who will involve him in a lot of activities within the community.

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