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George from Texas



from Texas

George is a funny, intelligent, friendly, and outgoing young man. He gets along well with others and makes friends easily. He is very resilient and transitions easily in new environments and situations. He enjoys spending time with friends, playing basketball and football. He also loves playing video games and just hanging out with friends and family watching movies or listening to music. George likes to share laughs by watching funny videos on YouTube with his brother. He has demonstrated his ability to be responsible and shows great concern for the wellbeing of his sibling. Some of George's favorite things to eat include pizza, hamburgers, and pasta. He does well in school and math is his strongest subject. He is interested in working diligently to graduate early so he can attend college.

This sibling duo will steal your heart! Blake and George have such a great brotherly relationship and they'd make a great addition to any family. The two young men are very bonded and extremely protective of one another. Blake and George communicate great with one another and do a fantastic job with recognizing the needs of the other. They spend a lot of time goofing and teasing one another. It is evident Blake and George want the best for each other. Blake idolizes George and looks up to him. He loves to do things he feels will make George proud such as joining the football team and basketball team. George is very protective of his younger brother, Blake. He will prepare Blake for change and run through different scenarios with him. The boys truly have a great relationship! Blake and George enjoy playing video games, playing sports, and watching Youtube videos together.

George would like a forever family who will be supportive. His family will understand his desire to maintain contact with his siblings. George is very excited about the possibility of being adopted. His family will be a nurturing, committed, and caring family who will assist him in reaching his fullest potential. George will thrive in either a one or two parent home. George enjoys being around other children and would do well with both older and younger children in the home.

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