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Hannah from Texas



from Texas

Hannah is a great youth enjoys having her hair and nails done! She likes toys, especially musical items, and she likes anything related to unicorns. One of her favorite snacks is popcorn. Hannah is a happy teenager who is eager to learn, and who loves music and gets along well with other children. She is non-verbal and utilizes some sign language and vocalizations for communication. Hannah utilizes a wheelchair for mobility, but she can crawl and get around the house independently. Hannah responds best to a predictable and structured environment. She does get upset easily if she is off routine and is left alone in a room for a short period. She is diagnosed with several medical conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, global delay disorder, and she functions at a kindergarten level or younger. Hannah receives speech therapy to assist with learning how to communicate, as well as physical and occupational therapy.

Hannah's forever family will care for her and encourage her to reach her fullest potential. She will benefit from a family who is patient and understanding and who loves her unconditionally. She will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. Her family will commit to providing a safe place to express herself and continue to help her reach her goals. The family for Hannah will spend a lot of one-on-one time with her and access needed resources for Hannah. Hannah does well with other children and pets in the home.

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