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Harmony from Texas



from Texas

Harmony is a caring and loving little girl. She likes making cards and letters for those she cares about. She enjoys coloring and drawing. She can be very outgoing once you get to know her. She is excited about life and the future. Harmony enjoys being outside and loves to swim as well as running through water sprinklers. She is interested in gymnastics as well as girl scouts and wants to participate in both activities. She likes going to school and enjoys science and reading. She loves to smile and laugh. She is a fun loving little gal who wants to grow up to be the optimistic person that she is well on her way to becoming. She has a big heart that is ready for love. Harmony will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

When Harmony and Davin spend time together, they get along really well. They both love to laugh and enjoy telling each other jokes. Harmony really cares about her big brother Davin and frequently makes him birthday cards and writes him letters. Davin always seems to know exactly how to make his sister laugh and feel better when she is down. They both openly talk about their schools, about life, and their dreams of growing up. Davin and Harmony seem to have a strong bond. When these siblings get together, they light up and their laughter is infectious. Both Harmony and Davin remain optimistic that they will find their forever home that will allow them to have a stronger bond as siblings and support each other.

The best type of family to meet Harmony's needs would be a family with either a single or dual parent home with a yard to play in. Harmony would do best with children similar in age for her to play and interact with. Harmony's forever family will do well with a family that was willing and able to access local extracurricular activities like girl scouts and gymnastics. Harmony's forever family will be patient and take the time to teach Harmony. Her family will establish a regular daily/weekly routine, as well as communicate consistently with Harmony regarding home rules/expectations. Harmony's family will provide one on one direct communication.

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