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Hector from Texas



from Texas

Hector is an easy-going and respectful youth. He tends to look at the best of the situation and likes to meet new people. Hector has an energetic nature and likes video games, skateboarding, and the outdoors. Like many youths his age, Hector likes to go outside to play basketball and sleep in. He enjoys watching videos online and likes going to the movies. Hector has a strong sense of family and his culture, which he identifies as Native American. He likes to learn about diverse cultures and is proud of his Native American heritage. At times, he can sometimes be a bit reserved with those he considers "outsiders." Hector is friendly and can easily make friends. He has strong verbal communication skills. Though, he tends to be reserved when he's not in the mood to talk. Hector advocates for himself and others when he feels the need to.

Hector will do well with a family who provides him with love and autonomy. He appreciates being asked what he wants. Hector wants to feel safe in his family and thrives when he has some private time to himself. He is an agreeable and polite child, though he can be quiet at times, and he is helpful around the house.

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