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Hunter from Texas



from Texas

Hunter is an energetic, kind-hearted, and affectionate young man. He is helpful and likes to help with the household chores. He likes being active outdoors, but also can settle down for indoor activities and loves to learn new things. He likes to go to the park, hiking and just walking around the block. He looks forward to one day being able to try camping and fishing. Hunter loves watching movies, playing video games, and reading graphic novels. He also enjoys sports and really looks forward to playing flag football, soccer, and golf. He enjoys going on bike rides as a family. Hunter is sociable and gets along with all peers. He really enjoys spending time with his friends and talking to them. Hunter likes school and his favorite subject is band. He is playing the trombone and is excited to learn all he can on how to play it.

Hunter's forever family will be one that is an active family who provides opportunities with positive outlets to build self-esteem. His family will be patient and understanding of a youth who has learned to adapt on their own. Hunter will benefit from a family who is well versed in working with the school to advocate for his academic needs and success. His family will provide guidance and encouragement to Hunter to make the right choices to produce positive outcomes. Hunter's family will have clear expectations, structure, and boundaries with the right amount of flexibility. They will provide uplifting feedback to empower Hunter to believe in his abilities. Hunter may do best with two parents or a single father. He will benefit from a strong, experienced family to model good decision-making practices and help him learn the best ways to stay in control of his feelings.

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