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Ian from Texas



from Texas

Meet Ian! Little Ian is a loving and affectionate little boy. He loves to be out doing things and going out with his foster family. He recently enjoyed a trip to the zoo, where he enjoyed seeing the animals and being outside. Ian is considered non-verbal but does babble. If the family tries to stay home on the weekends, Ian will say, "Momma, bye-bye," letting everyone know he wants to go out. Ian loves being spoken to and included in family conversations. He laughs when happy, from a giggle to a full belly laugh with a snort. Even through his surgeries and medical appointments, Ian has a smile on his face. Ian still has a startling effect when he hears loud or sudden sounds. Ian loves to be spoken to directly and feel that he is a part of the conversation. Ian enjoys white noise, soft fabrics and soft animals. He likes to connect with his caregivers by holding their fingers. Ian is an amazing little boy who lights up the world.

Ian's forever family will keep him active and engaged in different activities. He loves going outside and trying different things. He needs caregivers who have knowledge of medical terminology, his unique physical anatomy, and will advocate for his needs. His family will learn how to best communicate with and for Ian.

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