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Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose is an active and silly child who enjoys getting outdoors and playing with his friends. He has an easy smile and likes to make people laugh. His quick smile puts people at ease instantly. Jose likes to tell silly stories and help people. In school, Jose tries hard to complete his schoolwork, but sometimes needs a bit of encouragement and some assistance. He tries to follow the rules and get his chores done without reminders. Jose likes getting a lot of positive attention and encouragement. The family who will win Jose's heart will be fun and spontaneous. When he gets to know you, he will love to make you laugh.

Jose would like to be part of a family with a mother and a father. He would like there to be another child in the family, along with pets. He would like a family who enjoys the outdoors, as he does. It is preferable that his forever family enjoy family outings. Jose needs kind and understanding parents who will take the time to understand him.

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