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Izaveain from Texas



from Texas

Izaveain is a typical, youth who is somewhat shy and prefers to play by himself but when encouraged will participate in group play. He needs a lot of reassurance that he is making good choices and is wanted by his family. Izaveain can be easily redirected to get back on task, if distracted. He loves playing with cars, riding his bike, and jumping on the trampoline. His current family has passes to Six Flags and he loves to ride the rides and go to the park. Izaveain is in a self-contained classroom where he has thrived; he continues to make progress and the school continues to work with him on social skills and educational successes. Izaveain is a neat young boy who will be a great addition to any family.

Izaveain will thrive in a two parent home, single family home, or same gender parent home. He needs strong parents who are committed to helping him educationally, emotionally, and physically reach his full potential. He will do great in an active family who like to participate in outdoor activities, visit theme parks, and participate in other social events. He will do well in a family with older siblings, younger siblings, or as an only child. He will do well with parents who are patient and understand his social issues and will encourage him to try new things and help him realize he is an important part of the family.

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