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Jacobly from Texas



from Texas

Jacobly, who prefers to be called by his nickname J. C., is a sweet and caring youth who is family-oriented and wants to be adopted with his older brother, David. He is smart, loves to read, and has a variety of interests. J. C. loves to be outdoors where he enjoys playing sports, jumping rope, riding bikes, and catching frogs and lizards! Like his brother, J. C. loves to read almost any kid of book he can get his hand on. He loves to let his imagination take him away. J. C. likes school and his favorite subjects are Reading and Language Arts. On occasion, J. C. needs guidance on how to regulate his emotions when things are not going his way.

David and Jacobly are two brothers who are full of energy and excitement about their future. Jacobly is the youngest and prefers to be called by his nickname, J.C. The boys are excited to meet their future family, and both have open minds and hearts. As most brothers, the boys do not always see eye to eye and can engage in disagreements from time to time. However, David and J.C. often put aside their differing opinions and enjoy spending time together. They each have several common interests, such as playing video games and reading. Both boys love to escape into reading books. The children need a family who has the patience and understanding to support them in reaching their potential.

J. C.'s forever family will be one who can offer guidance, stability, and support to him until he reaches adulthood and beyond. J. C. would like a family with both a mother and father. He will do best in a family that has no other children or adult children who have already moved out of the home and could serve as role models. J. C.'s parents will be ones who will share his love for reading and being outside. They will help him find activities that he enjoys that can help build his self-esteem and confidence. His family will understand that J. C. does best when he is involved in many activities throughout the day. They will help him anticipate his day by establishing a routine so that J. C. knows what to expect.

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