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Jallis from Texas



from Texas

Jallis is a respectful, energetic, and kind child. He has a sweet and caring personality. He is very mature and polite and speaks with confidence. He's sociable and capable of warming up to new people with ease. Jallis is an "open book," and with support and reassurance, he is comfortable sharing things about himself. He enjoys engaging others in healthy and meaningful conversations that help him to learn more about others. Sometimes, Jallis can be more reserved and just listen and observe. He enjoys sports of all kinds, with his favorite being football. Jallis has other interests, including singing, playing with video games, nerf guns, watching his favorite television shows, playing outside, and going on social outings. Jallis is intelligent and performs well at school. In the classroom, he will try to avoid distractions so that he can focus on understanding course material and completing assignments. Jallis' best qualities shine when he's in safe and structured environments. He loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. Jallis has good peer relationships with children his age and likes playing with animals.

Jallis will thrive in a family who enjoys many social outings and activities, due to his very energetic nature. He will also fit well with a family who is patient with him and provides a well-structured home setting. Although he may need guidance, Jallis will also work best with a family that gives him the opportunity to communicate his feelings in a proper and healthy manner. His family will believe in spending quality time with one another frequently. Jallis will benefit from a family who understands his needs and is able to adjust with him. Jallis' forever family will be able to provide unconditional love to him at all times, but most importantly, during his difficult moments. He grasps things better when a stern, yet compassionate presence is available to him. Jallis' family will understand and support his desire to remain in contact with his siblings as well.

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