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Jallis from Texas



from Texas

Jallis is an energetic child with a personality that makes him seem older than his actual age through the way he speaks and his mannerisms. He is a very sociable child who easily warms up to new people. Jallis enjoys sports of all kinds, with his favorite being football. He is a very intelligent child who completes his schoolwork, even when he becomes focused on several things at the same time. Jallis has varied interests including singing, playing with video games or toys, watching movies, playing outside, and going on social outings. He has an extremely sweet and caring personality; he is a well-mannered child. Jallis' best attributes are obvious when he feels security and has the ability to thrive within a structured environment. Jallis is an "open book" when he receives emotional support and kindness.

Jallis will thrive in a family who enjoys many social outings or activities, due to his very energetic nature. He will also fit well with a family who is patient with him and provides a well-structured home setting. His family will believe in spending quality time with one another frequently. Jallis will also benefit from a family who understands his needs and is able to adjust with him. Jallis's family will provide unconditional love to him at all times, but most importantly, during his difficult moments. He grasps things better when a stern, yet compassionate presence is available to him.

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