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Jaloni from Texas



from Texas

Jaloni is a reserved, friendly, outgoing young lady who enjoys meeting new friends. She is very protective of her three younger brothers. Jaloni is very creative and loves talking about and doing makeup, her nails, fashion, and reading various books, specifically the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. She loves riding her bike when relaxing with friends but prefers being indoors. Jaloni enjoys crafting and just about any DIY project she can participate in. She also enjoys learning to cook and create recipes and loves feedback when she helps prepare meals. Jaloni loves fried chicken and stated that she will invent her own recipe one day that will be famous. She is a very patient and understanding young lady who loves to sing and said singing makes her feel great. She would be a great addition to a loving, patient, crafty and caring forever family. Get your crafting skills up because Jaloni is ready and filled with great ideas!!

This sibling group is very well-bonded and protective of each other. Jaloni, Sir, King and Major will do well together in a loving home with other children. Jaloni enjoys crafting, reading and hanging with her younger brother. Jaloni prefers indoor activities as much as possible. Sir, the next oldest, is always talking about riding his bike, playing basketball and playing in the NBA one day. King also enjoys playing basketball, hanging with his brothers, and playing video games on his tablet. Major, the youngest, is bold, friendly and well-bonded with his three older siblings. Each boy is very active and enjoys outdoor activities that keep them engaged. This group will complete any family that enjoys the outdoors, crafting and playing games. Each child has a fantastic personality that will keep the family laughing.

Jaloni would do well in a structured home with clear schedules to maintain. Jaloni thrives well with consistency. Jaloni would do well in a home with a strong male and female figure who can support and guide her. Jaloni is very family-oriented and will thrive and do well in a two-parent household.

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