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Jamarion from Texas



from Texas

Jamarion has an outgoing, intelligent, and loving personality. He is very thoughtful of others and considerate of their feelings. Jamarion's love language is giving. He loves to show people they matter and enjoys spending quality time with "his people." Jamarion strives daily to be a better person than he was yesterday. Some days he may need some encouragement to keep his positive attitude and a little encouragement with him goes a long way. Jamarion loves learning new things and sharing that information with others. One of his favorite things to do is cook and he especially likes to make a good sandwich!! He also enjoys dabbling in writing music and singing, specifically R&B and rap music. Jamarion is a goal-oriented youth who likes to reach for his goals. He is determined to succeed in life and likes to show his success in the sports he likes to play. Jamarion plans to be an investigator when he grows up.

Jamarion forever family will be consistent. They will offer guidance and positive reinforcement to help him achieve his full potential. Jamarion enjoys being around people who make him laugh, so a family with a sense of humor will be ideal for him. His family will need to utilize friendly firmness, having fun while still being able to hold him accountable for his actions. Jamarion needs a family to stand by him and not give up on him.

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