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Jamarion from Texas



from Texas

Jamarion is intelligent, outgoing, and loving. He is a giver and thoughtful about how others feel. He loves going to school and learning new things. Jamarion always works to be better. Some days he has to be encouraged to focus on the positives in life, and push away the negative, but most days he is optimistic and strives to find the positive side. Jamarion is goal-oriented and likes to reach his goals. When he is down and does not feel upbeat, he likes to have directives on how he can make the situation better. He likes talking things out, along with writing his thoughts in a journal. Jamarion is determined to succeed in life, and likes to be successful in sports. He hopes to be a professional basketball player when he grows up. Jamarion wants to be part of a family. This is the most important aspect in life to him. He wants to be loved by a family he can call his own. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Jamarion will benefit from a structured family who also likes to have fun with each other. He enjoys being around people who make him laugh, so a family with a sense of humor would be a great fit. He would like siblings who are about his same age. This will be beneficial, as he gets along with peers his age once he gets to know them. Jamarion needs a family who is consistent and will offer him guidance and positive reinforcement to help him achieve his full potential.

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