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Jamarion from Texas



from Texas

Jamarion is an energetic, outgoing, active child who enjoys playing outside! He enjoys shooting hoops, bike riding, or going for a hike and exploring. He enjoys spending time with his friends and being outside. Jamarion also enjoys various activities when he is inside; such as watching cartoons, creating arts and crafts, playing video games, talking on the phone, and drawing. He especially likes to play with Legos and superhero action figures! Jamarion enjoys interacting with other peers and he makes friends easily. He is a caring and thoughtful child who always makes others laugh. Jamarion craves for positive reinforcement and expresses his needs and wishes to those he trusts. He is self-aware, and he understands when he has made a mistake. Jamarion would love to play professional football when he is older!

Jamarion will do best in a two parent home with at least one parent who has a flexible work schedule. The family will need to be patient and have a structured routine. The family must be willing to maintain contact with Jamarion's brother who is not part of this adoption.

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