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Jamarion from Texas



from Texas

Jamarion is an active child who enjoys playing outside, shooting hoops, bike riding, or going for a hike. He also has various activities he likes when indoors, such as watching cartoons, doing arts and crafts, and drawing. He especially likes to play with Legos and superhero action figures. He has some difficulty following directions, but with consistent support he can improve in that area. He can be easily distracted and has a difficult time with transition. Jamarion has a brother who is not a part of this adoption with whom he would like to maintain contact. He is hopeful his forever family will support and encourage him maintaining contact with his brother.

Jamarion will do best in a two parent home with at least one parent who has a flexible work schedule. The family will need to be patient and have a structured routine. The family must be willing to maintain contact with Jamarion's brother who is not part of this adoption.

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