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James from Texas



from Texas

James is an intelligent, engaging, and outgoing child. He is very athletic and enjoys playing football and basketball. One of his wishes is to play in the NFL one day! He stated he has previously played as quarterback for his school. James also enjoys boxing as well, he just loves sports. He would enjoy camping and learning to fish with his forever family, as he enjoys being active. When he is not playing sports, James enjoys playing games on his Play Station, especially Fortnite. Some of his hobbies include listening to music and writing short stories. James has shared that his favorite subject in school is math, which he may need help with from time to time, and of course gym class and doing all athletic activities. He also stated that in the future he would like to be a mechanic.

James has stated he would like a family with a mother and father with no younger children. Or he would like a family with just a dad or with two dads with older boys in the family. James will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency. He will also benefit from a family who will help him cultivate his gifts and talents.

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