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Jarius from Texas



from Texas

Jarius is a great kid who is constantly smiling and is fun to be around. He likes to play sports and video games, and watch YouTube videos. Jarius really enjoys being around people, and he is kind and considerate of other's feelings. He is very excited to find a forever family! Jarius loves activities and being able to have fun. He is incredibly resourceful and likes being given responsibility. Jarius is working on ways to strengthen his ability to manage his emotions when upset. He is a very loving child who is incredibly protective of those around him, and often plays the role of mediator. Everyone who meets him only has good things to say about him. Jarius makes friends easily and likes to keep the peace in his relationships. He doesn't like to see others get in trouble, and will often blame himself for them getting in trouble or negative things that happen around him.

Jarius will benefit from a two-parent home, with a strong male role model. He needs parents who are structured and maintain a good daily routine. They will be patient and provide him with praise when he does something well, and consistent re-direction when he breaks a rule. He would love to have a family who is active, and encourages him to participate in activities. Jarius has expressed a specific interest in a family who supports his interests, spends time together (doing things like watch movies), gives him responsibilities to earn allowance, and who have an open and honest relationship with him.

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