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Jarius from Texas



from Texas

Jarius is a fun and charming youth with a laid back personality that puts you at ease. He is often smiling and is fun to be around. He likes to play video games and connects with people with humor. He likes working with his hands. He enjoys things apart to see how they work and build them again. He is always up for an outing and participating in social activities. He enjoys eating and trying new foods. He is loving and is incredibly protective of those around him, and often plays the role of mediator/negotiator. Everyone who meets him, typically have good things to say about him and compliments his manners. He seems to make friends fairly easily, but also likes to keep the peace in his relationships. Jarius does well in school when he applies himself. He does benefit from positive encouragement from caregivers and teachers to stay on task. Jasius is a sweet young man who can flourish in a nurturing and supportive environment

Jarius will do well in a two parent home, with a Strong Male Role-Model. They should be able to be firm with him yet provide unconditional love and understanding. His parents will be structured and maintain a good daily routine. They will be patient and provide him with praise when he does something well. They will provide consistent re-direction when he breaks a rule. His family will be active, and encourage him to participate in activities that will improve his self-esteem and social skills. His family will support his interests, spends time together (doing things like watching movies), give him responsibilities to earn allowance, and have a open and honest relationship with him.

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