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Jasmine from Texas



from Texas

Jasmine is a very outgoing and spirited child who is confident in what she wants. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, and playing sports. Jasmine is an excellent student when she applies herself and is persistent in trying to reach her goals. She enjoys athletics, math and social studies classes. She is a very social child and enjoys hanging out with others her age and talking on the phone. She likes to watch movies, go shopping, and going out to eat. Jasmine enjoys being involved in sports but also enjoys being a girly girl and having her nails and hair done. She likes to participate in church youth group and school activities like basketball and cheerleading. Jasmine is a very determined girl. She longs to be loved and accepted by a family.

Jasmine's forever family will show up for her and continually remind her that they really care about her. Jasmine's family will set firm boundaries with her but also show her the love and affection she needs. Jasmine's family will accept her for who she is and will stick with her and guide her into the person she has the potential to be. Jasmine will benefit from a supportive and nurturing family who is active and can provide her with her basic needs. Her family will offer her commitment and be understanding of her past and support in assisting her move forward into her future.

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