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Javary from Texas



from Texas

Javary is a child of wonder who enjoys the outdoors and loves giving and getting cuddles! He likes food and snacks and will typically eat what is given to him. Javary enjoys watching cartoons. Javary is not very aware of what is going on around him and is good about going with the flow. He needs to have routine and structure. He is happy to interact with adults and curious of them when they are in front of him. Javary enjoys being read to and enjoys when people sing to him. He has a huge imagination and will sometimes talk to things that aren't there. Javary requires frequent supervision and redirection. He has difficulties with speech and has a very limited vocabulary, he needs ongoing support in this area. With the right family, Javary has the potential to be successful in life!

Javary's family will offer patience and consistency. He will do best with experienced parents who can commit to his needs. Parents who have experience with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It will be beneficial for Javary to maintain contact with his brother. The family for Javary will also have unconditional love and persistence. His forever family will encourage him to strive in life and ensure he is cared for through his adult life. Javary's family will devote a lot of time to this sweet boy and constant supervision.

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