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Javary from Texas



from Texas

Javary is like no other and enjoys learning more about the world he lives in daily! He has a yearning for curiosity and an imagination that he lets run wild. He loves being outdoors, where he can feel the heat from the sun on his face or a brisk chill from the wind. Javary also enjoys being affectionate with others. He would never turn down a sweet embrace from those who care for him or an opportunity to receive attention from his caregivers. Javary is no stranger to food and will try almost anything once. He loves to eat and help when it is time to cook too. Javary also enjoys watching television and still gets a good belly roll when watching cartoons and will sit with you through a good old-fashioned comedy film. He likes it when others read to him and show him the pictures. Javery will groove along with you as you belt out a tune, and he is comfortable being left alone while his imagination soars from looking at items around him.

Javary's forever family will be patient, observant, and persistent. His family will be able to help him explore his potential and assist him in breaking through the barriers that others have set for him. He will do best with experienced parents who can commit to his needs. Javary's parents would have an understanding and knowledge of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. His family will also have unconditional love and persistence. His forever family will encourage him to strive in life and ensure he is cared for through his adult life. Javary's family will devote a lot of time to this sweet boy and constant supervision. Javary requires frequent supervision and redirection. With the right family, Javary has the potential to fly beyond anywhere his imagination has ever taken him!

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